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Why an Ospreys Supporters' Trust?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Upon the inauguration of the Ospreys in 2003, amidst the politics and backbiting of Welsh rugby, many critics were comfortable in writing off the merger as doomed to fail. And yet, even against the backdrop of the tumultuous last few years (with yet more politics and backbiting) and the current pandemic, the joining together of historic and world renowned clubs into the Ospreys has been a massive success and proof to the critics of what can be achieved in this area when we all work together.

As we write this in August 2020, just a few short months after our takeover by Y11 Sports & Media, we stand on the precipice of a bold new era, under dynamic, youthful owners. What the Ospreys Supporters’ Trust wants to do is to rally to the cause of the new owners, while paying respect and homage to the incredible contributions and legacies of the previous majority owners. 

With the legendary Mike Ruddock committing his future to the region and under the direction of the enormously respected Toby Booth, the region is well placed in a rugby sense to begin the climb back up the summit in the coming years. Where an Ospreys Supporters’ Trust sees itself as adding its strength to the climb is as follows:

  1. Work with the new owners for the benefit of Ospreys Rugby and Ospreys supporters to ensure that rugby in our area is never threatened again as in 2019.

  2. To reach out to lapsed Ospreys ST holders and urge them to return to the Ospreys’ nest.

  3. To raise money for various beneficial purposes, for instance sponsoring academy players.

So why an Ospreys Supporters’ Trust when there is already an official Supporters’ Club, the OSC? Well, first of all, we hugely admire many of the contributions of the OSC in terms of organising trips and contributing to the pre and post game atmosphere. However, as you can see from our list of aims, our priorities are different and we believe we can happily co-exist and co-operate, as we will be fulfilling different roles. We certainly are not here to be anyone’s rival or competitor.

What happened behind closed doors during Project Reset can never be allowed to happen again. We are confident that the new board has the vision, strength and resolve to ensure it will never happen again and we believe that the OST can lend our shoulders to the wheel in this struggle. A core of committed, emotionally invested supporters united by the belief that this historic area should be at rugby’s top table is needed now more than ever.

We would love for you to join us in this endeavour.

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