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The Ospreylian Trust (TOT) was formed when like-minded and passionate Ospreys Rugby supporters came together after discussing the idea of forming a Supporters’ Trust to help safeguard the future of professional rugby in the region. The Trust, a fully formed mutual society, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) .

Our Governance is available to download from –

TOT aims: -

1.  To work with Y11, the owners of Ospreys Rugby, for the benefit of Ospreys Rugby and Ospreys Rugby supporters.

2.  To raise money for the benefit of Ospreys Rugby, including but not limited to player sponsorship.

3.  To tap in to the emotional and financial benefaction of like-minded Ospreys Rugby supporters.


The Trust will raise the required funds through a combination of one-off membership fees, and donations either one-off, monthly or annually.

There is an initial target of seventy-five members.

The Ospreys
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